All of the recent discussion of new towers and proposed "supertalls" got us thinking of the current tallest-residential holder, Canderel Stoneridge's Aura Residences at Yonge and Gerrard, designed by Graziani Corazza Architects. For our most recent update, we're looking to the Aura Webcam, which provides up-to-date images of the project's continued climb skyward.

Capture from Aura Webcam, caught by someMidTowner

Well past the podium, the tower component is beginning to take shape, as seen from the unusual perspective provided above. The sheer scale of the project can be realized from above in a way that street-level views cannot convey; the tower still has dozens of floors left to build but the cladding is already being applied to the podium below.

Aura beginning to climb above Yonge and Gerrard, image by Caltrane74.

As the tower isn't completely uniform from the top of the podium to its pinnacle we can expect it to still be a while before it officially tops off — official date places it sometime next year, so look forward to a summer rush on construction at this intersection.

Project rendering, courtesy of Canderel Stoneridge.

The building will contain upon completion a whopping 985 condominium units, topping off with a dramatic 11,370 square foot 78th floor penthouse that has drawn national attention as the highest residence in Canada.

Aura's 75th floor penthouse, image courtesy of Canderel Stoneridge.

Aura is facing some possible competition in the height department even before its been built however – a proposal we brought to your attention yesterday is seeking 83-storeys, and has the possibility of stealing Aura's crown. Keep an eye out here on Urban Toronto for more information regarding both Aura and the new proposal; for more details on Aura, click on the dataBase listing below.

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