The High Park area has been receiving quite a bit of attention from developers in recent years, and we have yet another project rendering to share with you for a development that (we hope) will soon start to rise in the neighborhood. As it stands now, the project is seeking 14 storeys, with a total of 378 units. It's also reserving space for a daycare facility, and 1500 square meters of retail space on the ground floor, however as explained below, it conintues to face opposition.

Latest render for 1844 Bloor West, image courtesy of Daniels

1844 Bloor Street West is a project by Daniels, with design by Diamond and Schmitt. The development has been in the works for a while now, however it seems as though it's finally starting to gain momentum. Originally speculated in 2006, Daniels has been faced with an extremely involved and upset community who fear a change for the worse in their local neighborhood. Daniels has re-designed the project multiple times, with varying heights, materials, set backs and amenities, however it would seem that they have yet to win over the community.

Previous rendering showing surrounding building context, image coutesty of Daniels

UrbanToronto's Craig White attended the community consultation meeting last night, with a full and detailed report posted on the project forum here. It would seem as though little more can be in done in discussions between the developer and community, with the OMB becoming involved after city council overruled the height variance that had been supported by Toronto's City Planner Phil Carvalino.

We here at UrbanToronto hope this design modification will be the last – the stretch of Bloor Street West here is frankly a blight on the area, and provides nothing to the neighborhood except a breeding ground for raccoons in houses that appear so dilapidated they're beyond repair. Conversely, it's difficult to know what the impact of the project will be for those living in the area without having lived there. The evolution of this project, regardless of which side you may take, provides insight as to the difficulties involved in the development process within established neighborhoods. Learning from this project will save undue stress in the future, as well as a loss of time and wasted money on both the developer's side as well as the local ratepayers association.

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