This shot of the Puente de Luz bridge on the verge of completion was taken by Forum member rdaner. As an inheritance from the site's former use as a rail marshalling yard, CityPlace is only loosely tethered to the city around it. Lacking the web of connections that older neighbourhoods possess as a result of their organic growth, it is vitally important that Cityplace be given as many linkages as possible to the city around it. Not only does the bridge provide a useful way for residents to move in and out of their rapidly changing new neighbourhood, but it will hopefully also encourage those from outside the area to venture in and explore. Although reservations have been expressed on the Forum over the choice of colour, the bridge nevertheless represents an exciting departure from Toronto's dominant approah to civic infrastructure in that it pushes the design vernacular beyond the pragmatic and utilitarian to embrace the notion that the functional can also be beautiful.

Linking the western portion of Concord Adex's CityPlace development to Front Street West, the bridge was designed by Francisco Gazitua and built by MMM Group.

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