UrbanToronto has added new renderings to its dataBase for a couple of tall condo projects still in the early planning stages in spots either side of Carlton Street in Toronto's core. The projects include a 60-storey proposal at Yonge and Grenville just north of the College/Carlton intersection and a 50-storey proposal between Jarvis and Mutual streets just south of Carlton.

We start with a sneak peek at a concept rendering by Graziani + Corazza Architects for Canderel Stoneridge's new site at 460 Yonge Street. UrbanToronto Forum member Travis, who was at a recent public meeting regarding the project reports the following:

The proposal is 60 storeys, 207 metres tall, with 599 units, and 6 levels of parking. The podium ranges from 4-7 storeys. Ground floor is entirely retail along Yonge and Grenville. Residence entrance will be on Grenville. Parking entrance and truck loading area will be along St. Luke Lane. Proposal to set back the podium 1 metre (more) from the existing Yonge and Grenville sidewalk to allow for greater pedestrian space. The 2nd floor will also be retail, and the 3rd floor for office space. The 4th floor is the amenities space. 5th floor and upwards will be entirely residential, with minor tower setbacks from the 5-7th floor. The tower (8th floor and upwards) will be 10 metres set back from Yonge Street, and 5 metres from Grenville. Approximately 38% of the 599 units are planned to be 2-3 bedroom units. There will be a panel option to accommodate any potential future connection to the PATH system as part of this project. 

The podium design is still very preliminary with 4 different concepts under consideration. The first 2 floors of retail space will be 6 metres tall each. Massing of the podium lines up with Oddfellows Hall. Possibility that the podium may be further set back to allow for restaurant patio usage. One of the podium concepts featured shifted angled boxes. Another looked very Aura-ish with horizontal bands. And the other one I remember looked more deco inspired. Limestone was stated as a possibility of material used for the podium.

Condos at 460 Yonge by Graziani + Corazza for Canderel Stoneridge

The detail image of the top of the tower, above, shows the waving, crimped balconies wrapped around each corner of the project, and revealing a section of curtain wall between them. The mechanical penthouse at the top of the tower is hidden behind a comprehensive curtain wall box.

The full rendering can be found in the UrbanToronto dataBase lsiting for the project, linked below this article.

Over by Allan Gardens, a site made up of properties at 308 to 314 Jarvis Street and 225 Mutual Street features a 50-storey tower rising behind a terraced nine-storey podium. The design by Quadrangle Architects is for owner Duration Investments. The tower is 750 sq m per floor, along the north edge of the site, set back from Jarvis behind the Sheard Mansion, which would be restored and incorporated into the project. There is no substantial shadowing of Allan Gardens by the tower from March 21 to Sept 21 between 10am and 4pm. That does not mean no shadowing - but only a small percentage added to areas already shadowed. 

Condos at 308-314 Jarvis by Quadrangle Architects for Duration Investments

By being moved back from Jarvis, the 50-storey tower would have less shadow impact on the Allan Gardens greenhouses than would a previously approved 18-storey building to be built right at the Jarvis sidewalk. Where that previously approved building would rise is now planned to be a terraced podium, stepping back above the 3rd, 5th, and 7th floors. An amenity terrace would sit atop the podium on the 10th floor. The main Jarvis entrance would separate the podium from the Sheard Mansion.

On Mutual, the tower would be set back slightly behind a line of five 3-storey townhomes to be built along the that street. A rendering of the Mutual Street frontage, along with one of the full tower is available on the UrbanToronto dataBase page for the building, linked below.

Both buildings are working their way through the City's approvals process, and many details may change in the next while. If you would like to get in on the discussion about either of the proposals, choose the Project & Construction Forum links associated with each dataBase entry.

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