The final touches are being applied to the Puente de Luz Bridge, and we’ve received a few photos from Concord Adex that we’re sharing with you today. Meant to serve the booming Concord CityPlace community, the Puente de Luz bridge will provide direct pedestrian access from Front Street to Iceboat Terrace, essentially serving as an extension of Portland Street over the railroad tracks.

The bridge from the west with the downtown core, image courtesy of Concord Adex

The photos below show that the pedestrian ramp up to the bridge is almost complete, while a few remaining guardrails still need to be installed on the bridge itself. While the design by Chilean sculptor Francisco Gazitua is definitely unprecedented in Toronto, and sparked debate amongst Forum members, it’s nice to see a bit of eclecticism added to the mix of the neighbourhood. We’re looking forward to the opening of the Puenta de Luz bridge this year — if you have photos you’d like to share, or want to join the discussion check out the project forum here.

Close up of the bridge, image courtesy of Concord Adex

Bridge from above with GO trains below, image courtesy of Concord Adex

Bridge from the north-west with CityPlace in the background, image courtesy of Concord Adex

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