Toronto has never been a city of outright visible luxury — that is, until recently. While we have definitely seen our fair share of extravagance and are no strangers to millionaires , we tend not to see it as much as one might in cities such as New York, Paris, Los Angeles or London. Some may say this is due to our "inherently" humble Canadian demeanour, while others may think it's due to a lack of the über-rich that those cities seem to have in abundance. One project that is nearing completion is dramatically altering this; The Trump International Hotel and Tower, developed by Talon International and designed by local firm Zeidler Partnership, is bringing a whole new level of conspicuous consumption and luxury to the Toronto scene.

The Trump International Hotel and Tower

The Trump International Hotel and Tower is a part of one-time Republican presidential candidate (among other things) Donald Trump's growing list of international properties. Measuring in at a staggering 925 feet, it will be the second-tallest structure in Canada (depending on what you consider to be a building), further discussed in the article posted here.

Street-level presence of the Trump Tower at Bay and Adelaide

The Trump International Hotel and Tower is nearing completion, already having reached its goal of 58 storeys, and working now on cladding the quarter-onion dome which tops off the building. Forum discussion has been pretty mixed regarding the design; Zeidler emphasized the tower's verticality by employing a variety of materials at varying levels, reinforcing the terracing seen on the upper floors and creating a visual climax as your eye draws towards the crowning spire.

Aerial view of the street presence at Bay and Adelaide

The Trump Tower boasts one of the city's largest penthouses, coming in at a staggering 7366 sq. ft.. Occupying floors 56 through 58, the penthouse is nestled just below the onion dome; the floorplan below illustrates the 57th floor, while the image below that shows the view that the lucky new residents will have from their master bedroom.

57th floor of the 3-storey penthouse

Looking out from inside the quater-onion dome, image by tomms

The interior finishes and design are nothing if not opulent, and we wouldn't expect anything less from the Trump; II by IV Design Associates have upped the ante, designing spaces that are rich in material and furnishings, exuding luxury. While some may find it too over-the-top, it most definitely reflects the lifestyle and tastes of both Toronto's glitterati and international purchasers as well.

32nd floor residential sky lobby

31st floor restaurant

As the project nears completion its impact on the Toronto skyline is becoming dramatically more noticeable; keep checking back with us for more images to be released soon, and check out the project's dataBase listing below for more renderings and floorplans. Let us know below what you think of the Trump Tower; is it too over-the-top for Toronto, or should we embrace it as being reflective of our changing urban environment and distribution of wealth in the downtown core?

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