Toronto, prepare to officially be Trumped!

As we can see from the recent pictures displayed on this page, work on the Trump International Hotel and Tower is in the home stretch. The 57-storey building at the corner of Bay and Adelaide saw work being done to its dome and mast recently.

Looking up at the steel, glass and stone of Trump Tower, image by M____J1

Dome and mast construction, image by nicetommy

Close-up detailed shot of the dome and mast construction on top of Trump Tower, image by androiduk

A clear blue sky sets off the almost-completed Trump Tower, image by M____J1

As close as it is to completion, Trump Tower's official completion won't be until mid-2012. This has been a controversial project in Toronto, with plenty of discussion about all facets of its construction and design. When it is completed, it will be Toronto's tallest mixed-use building and Canada's second tallest skyscraper.

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