Today's Photo of the Day gives us a surprsingly good shot of Absolute World Condominiums in Mississauga.  Surprising only because the photo was taken from a cellphone by forum member Asmegin.    

Absolute World Condos, Image by Asmegin

The second building in the photo gives us a preview of what the whole project will look like when the balconies and cladding are finished.  With its curvature, Absolute will certainly be a unique addition to the neighbourhood. 

Here's a rendering of what's to be expected when the buildings are completed.

Absolute World Condos, Rendering courtesy of Fernbrook and Cityzen

Some debate has recently surfaced over the negatives of glass-design condos and have questioned whether condos like Absolute will be throwing away their money and losing value over their glass design.  What do you think?  Join the discussion here.

Located at 50, 60, 70 80 and 90 Absolute Drive, Absolute Condos was designed by Burka Architects and MAD Architects. The Cityzen and Fernbrook Homes project is set for completion this year.

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