MaRS Phase II is integrating the Queen's Park subway station entrance on the southeast corner of University Avenue and College Street into the building. This is a vital link for the pedestrian tunnel networks in the area. MaRS phase II will connect the hospital tunnel network with the Queen's Park tunnel network through the subway station. An office worker at the Hearst Block (Bay and Wellesley) will soon be able to walk indoors all the way to the Hospital for Sick Children.

Subway entrance at lower left demolished for Phase II integration- photo by Isidoros Kyrlangitses

The Queen's Park tunnel network is accessible to the public between 6am and 6pm on weekdays.  Access is restricted to the Whitney Block and Legislative Building.  Currently one can walk into the Macdonald Block at Wellesley and Bay and stroll through the tunnels until Queen's Park Station.

Once MaRS Phase II is completed the food courts of MaRS and Toronto General Hospital will have an enclosed access for provincial office workers. The hospital network of tunnels, which are also used to carry utility pipes, reaches all surrounding hospitals and some other medical buildings. They have minimal signage. Public use is discouraged, but the links are accessible.

The hospital tunnel network stops at the Elizabeth McMaster Building, just one block north of the Toronto Coach Terminal where the PATH network ends.  It's tempting to imagine how far the PATH network could be expanded with a new connection.

Pedestrian tunnel network around Queen's Park Station - by Isidoros Kyrlangitses

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