The recent renovation of Bloor Street's "Mink Mile" between Bedford Road and Church Street by the Bloor-Yorkville BIA paved the way (no pun intended) for massive changes along this stretch. We've seen a dramatic re-interpretation of Bloor Street West, and today's Project of the Day will definitely contribute to how we perceive what is often considered to be the northern edge of the downtown core. Bazis Inc, Plaza and Metropia teamed up to develop Exhibit Residences, located at 200 Bloor Street West next to the Park Hyatt hotel and directly across from the ROM's hotly contested Crystal.

Exhibit condos seen from Philosopher's Walk

Designed by Rosario Varacalli, Exhibit is a striking addition to the Yorkville landscape, consisting of four stacked cubes, each slightly angled off one another. Wrap-around balconies reinforce the cube aesthetic, which complements the harsh angles of the Crystal across the street while maintaining a distinct separation in design.

The interiors of Exhibit depart from the monumental aesthetic seen on the exterior, offering darker, more sensual spaces that reflect the intimate experience one may expect from a Yorkville condominium. Interior designer Burdifilek created intimate, moody communal spaces that draw from mid-century interiors rather than the more common minimalist furnishings and finishes we typically see in new projects.

Amenities include an entertainment floor with several lounges, a bar, a private dining room and catering kitchen, a party room, fitness gallery and yoga studio. The project's outdoor rooftop garden shown below should make for a relaxing space to unwind next to the reflecting pool and striking sculpture.

Exhibit is well into its sales, and preparing to begin excavation. Forum discussion on UrbanToronto is currently focused around the fate of the uniquely-designed McDonald's, which will be demolished to make way for Exhibit;  keep an eye out for photos to arrive once demolition begins. For more information on Exhibit, check the dataBase listing below.

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