Construction on the 49-storey condomimium at 300 Front Street West is progressing nicely. The building, developed by Tridel and designed by Wallman Architects, currently sits just below street level. Here are the latest images of the project, courtesy of UrbanToronto Forum member Jasonzed.

Image by Jasonzed

Image by Jasonzed

For the most up-to-date photos of the site, you can check out Tridel's bird's-eye construction camera here.

Tridel's masterplan for 300 Front Street West appends a 15-storey loft complex — or "Urban Resort" as it's being called — to the north side of the 157-metre condo tower. Additionally, there will be a sheltered driveway adjacent to the primary tower on the west side and a small parkette will sit on the southeast corner of the site at the intersection of Front and John.

Tridel's masterplan for 300 Front Street West

Those of you with a sharp eye, or some knowledge of the area, may have noticed the substation located just north of the construction site. While there has been some speculation that the substation will be decommissioned and its functions amalgamated with the John Street Roundhouse substation, high development and intensification in the area is making it necessary to keep it where it is. The good news, however, is that 300 Front Street's Urban Resort, which will sit right next to the substation, will integrate a thick wall to prevent exposure to its residents.

Image by Jasonzed

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