The cladding for Canderel Stoneridge's Aura Condominiums has finally begun to arrive! In this shot by forum member androiduk, we catch a glimpse at only a tiny fraction of the cladding which will be used to cover Aura's massive 767-foot height.

Image by androiduk

Below, in another image by androiduk, at the bottom left corner we see a piece of exposed cladding. From this angle it appears to have a blue or light purple tint to it. 

Image by androiduk

In this picture by forum member SP!RE however, the glass does not appear to have that same tint.

Image by SP!RE

Regardless of the tint, this building is going to be quite the sight for onlookers and the owners of its 931 units when it's fully clad. 

Aura rendering courtesy of Canderel Stoneridge

Aura Condominiums is a staggering 75-storey building located at 388 Yonge Street.  Developed by Canderel Stoneridge, Aura is set for completion in 2013.  Aura updates can be found in our forum or check out the UrbanToronto dataBase entry below for much more information.

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