Context Development is going full speed ahead on their Library Distict complex on Fort York Boulevard at Bathurst Street now that an archeological dig which uncovered 150-year old railway related remains has wrapped up.

Archeology at Library District Condominiums site, image by drum118 2011.07.23

The complex will be indentified on the skyline by a 29-storey condominium tower sporting an integrated rooftop mechanical box designed by KPMB Architects to evoke a line of shelved books. Down at street level the building's podium will contain recreational amenities and a new public library in a structure angled to respond to the sloping site where the new Mouth of the Creek Park will be created.

Library District Condominiums by Context Development

The creek being celebrated in the new park's name is the long-covered Garrison Creek, and the garrison it refers to is Fort York, which is just across Bathurst Street to the west. Once Library District Condominiums are completed, Fort York Boulevard, currently in two disconnected pieces on either side of Bathurst, will finally be connected, creating a new continuous east-west route which, combined with Bremner Boulevard, will lead from the Air Canada Centre to the CNE. Seen in the foreground of UrbanToronto member Drum118's shot below, Library District's site alongside the rails leading to Union Station will make the building a landmark entry to the city's core.

Library District site with a TCHC project and Parade in the background, image by Drum118 2011.09.09

UrbanToronto has added a new dataBase entry for Library District which features a number of close-up views never before released. The new renderings will give you a much better of idea of what to expect here, including a detailed look at Toronto's forthcoming 100th public library branch. You can visit the dataBase entry by clicking on the link below, or join in the discussion on this project by clicking on the adjacent Projects & Contruction or Real Estate links.

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