Continuing our Spadina Crescent walkabout...

We are looking at the "City Dairy" building. By the date of this picture — 1948 — we see the "Borden's" sign on the front and a very identifiable milk delivery truck of the type that used to be very common on city streets. 

A dairy in Stratford, Ontario launched home milk delivery about 20 prior. I'm not sure of the status now. There is still home milk delivery in some communities in the U.S. Several bags of milk is a heavy affair to buy and carry home. Most of us know how aggravating this can be. Imagine it delivered to your home and placed inside a "milk box" built into the side wall of your house. Of course you would have to be home to put it away.

Our Goldie mentioned awhile back that his father used to bring him here for ice cream.

Now.  May 2011.  Not many changes but the boulevard on the left is gone.