With the Toronto International Film Festival approaching in September, excitement is quickly building at the corner of King and John Streets. The newly completed Bell Lightbox and Festival Tower will become a hotbed of activity for all things TIFF.

Festival Tower and TIFF Bell Lightbox, with clear glass and sandblasted balconies. Image by Marcus Mitanis 2011.07.21

Developed by The Daniels Corporation in partnership with the King and John Festival Corporation and designed by Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects (KPMB) with Kirkor Architects and Planners, the tower now sits on the former site of famous filmmaker Ivan Reitman’s family car wash. Residents of the 42-storey building not only enjoy the convenient downtown location, but are also spoiled with a series of extraordinary TIFF-related amenities that can only be found at the Festival Tower.

The idea behind the tower is to create a red carpet experience for occupants every time they return home, capturing the connection between the condominium and the Lightbox.

The friendly doorman which greets visitors and residents. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

The star-treatment begins right at the entrance which is graced with a smartly-dressed doorman who guards the striking red doors, again designed to evoke that red carpet luxury.

The contemporary lobby and 24 hour concierge. Image by Marcus Mitanis 2011.07.21

The striking red doors once stood at the sales centre. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

The 24-hour concierge sits in the middle of the lobby which features Italian-designed seating, polished walnut and granite flooring.

The lobby, featuring Fantasm by Peter Powning. Image courtesy of the Daniels Corporation.

Italian designed seating and Fantasm by Peter Powning. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

The contemporary look of the entrance is accented by Fantasm, a colourful and beautiful backlit piece of art by Peter Powning. The moving images light up the room intensely and immediately draw attention.

Fantasm by Peter Powning is the showcase of the lobby. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

A closeup of the intricate movements of Fantasm's cast bronze and slumped glass. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

Each backlit square has a unique shape in Fantasm by Peter Powning. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

Alternating videos and colours show a sense of movement in the Fantasm piece. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

The Festival Tower lobby has direct indoor access to all of the Lightbox's amenities including the cinemas, gallery, shop, restaurants and bar which sit on the corner of King and John, a new cultural centre for Torontonians and a growing destination for celebrities.

The main floor elevators are marked with a screen showing all upcoming events. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

Interconnectivity between the tower and Bell Lightbox is evident in the screen showing events. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

The interconnectivity with the Film Festival is evident when approaching the tower elevators, where a screen is set into the wall highlighting all upcoming events in the building.

The executive concierge on the 10th floor is used for housekeeping and booking events. Image by Craig White 2011.07.21

The top-notch amenities, coined as the 'Tower Club', continue on the 10th floor where an executive concierge is available at one’s disposal to schedule restaurant bookings, movie screenings, housekeeping, and general needs. Residents also enjoy several perks including a three-year membership to the Bell Lightbox, allowing early access to TIFF tickets and preferred pricing.

Only a handful of units are currently unoccupied, but given the excellent location and distinct amenities they are expected to sell rapidly.

The tour of amenities will continue tomorrow where the focus will be on leisure time and relaxation, including a very handy 55-seat theatre only accessible to condominium dwellers.

To view additional images, have a look through UrbanToronto's dataBase listing for Festival Tower, linked below, which contains links to the official website for further information. To join in on the discussion in the forums, the threads for the project are also linked below.

Give us your opinion on the amenities by leaving a comment underneath. Be sure to join us tomorrow for the second part of the tour.

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