A few months ago there were some intense debates within the UrbanToronto forum regarding Rêve Condos, with negative comments focusing on the building's overwhelming blackness. That was before white balcony glazing and red accent panels were added, but now that those final touches are bring applied, we think there will be more than a few people eating their words. In this photo by UrbanToronto forum member androiduk, we see the close-to-finished look, and we must say Rève has turned out to be quite the good looking building. 

Photo by androiduk

The interaction of the balcony colour with that of the cladding makes this a strong winner in our opinion. Might it be best to wait until something is finished before delivering a verdict? There is a strong case for that here!

Developed by Tridel, the 14-storey condo was designed by Wallman Architects. 

Any former detractors want to admit to eating some humble pie?

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