Back in March, the Toronto building, architecture and heritage communities suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Woodcliffe Poperties President Paul Oberman. UrbanToronto reported it here.

Now, Toronto's architectural community, along with Paul Oberman's family — his widow Eve Lewis and six children — have launched a campaign to rename Market Street (in the city's historic St Lawrence Market neighbourhood) to Oberman Way. A petition has been launched to collect names in support of the project.

Market Street before construction began

In addition to renaming the street in honour of the respected urbanist and real estate developer, it is proposed that it become a pedestrian-only street with restaurant patios, and that a flower market be created in the lower level of the St Lawrence Market.

The pedestrianizing of Market Street and the creation of a flower market were both part of Oberman's plans in his most recent project. He was in the process of redeveloping the street, which is now under construction with a proposed completion date of December 2012. The project includes a renovation and retrofitting of three heritage buildings and a new building at the corner of Market Street and The Esplanade.

In a letter appealing for support of the community, Eve Lewis said, "My hope, and that of our family, is that our collective voices will endorse and celebrate Paul's commitment to the urban landscape and his talent for creating magnificent spaces, and that these initiatives will have a positive and enduring impact on the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood."

Click to access the petition page online. The goal is to collect 5,000 names by August 31.