UrbanToronto's dataBase is merely a fledgling, but it has already turned 100. 100 entries, that is. The dataBase was born with about a dozen entries upon the relaunch of UrbanToronto on May 12th, and we have been feeding it ever since. As a recent centenarian, it's looking pretty good, if we do say so ourselves!

Ryerson University Student Learning Centre Entrance, image courtesy of Labtop USA Corp / Zeidler Snøhetta

Our 100th addition to the collection of projects is Ryerson University's stunning new Student Learning Centre, designed by world renowned Snøhetta or Norway and New York, teamed with home-town giant Zeidler Patnership Architects. You will find the link to the dataBase entry with its full set of beautiful images below this article of course. Check it out: we have done here what we love most; bringing you the highest resolution images available, and highlighting the vignettes that rendering artists spent hours on but which most sites ignore.

Ryerson University Small Group Study Area, image courtesy of Labtop USA Corp / Zeidler Snøhetta

For example, who can resist the Ryerson student above, contemplating the scene in the dreamy new Small Group Study Area? Everyone else apparently, but not us! The UrbanToronto dataBase is where renderings go to really live, not just exist. If an architect, an interior designer, and a rendering artist sweated hours over the details, who are we to keep them hidden!?

South Beach Condos outdoor pool detail, image courtesy of Amexon

Along with the fantastic images, the UrbanToronto dataBase is our place to bring together all of the quick bits of information that anyone could want about a project: How tall is it? Who designed it? Who's building it? Where is it? What's the official website? Who's selling it? The dataBase is there to help not only those who just like to look, but is also for those who want to know more about what's happening in their city, it's there for those planning to purchase a new home, and it's there for those who want to sell that home to you. Ultimately, the dataBase will make a great record of the development of this increasingly fantastic city.

Gooderham condos at the Distllery, image courtesy of Cityscape and Dundee Realty

Out of the current 100 UT dataBase entries, a full 90 of them are condominiums, like the Gooderham above. We would guess that the fact that the vast majority of the entries are residential condominium projects will be no surprise to anyone: the bulk of what is going up in Toronto these days are condos, ranging from low-rise infill to 75-storey behemoths. 10 of the current entries are for projects in other categories though, ranging from a museum and cultural centre, to a pedestrian and bike bridge, two subway stations, the country's largest transportation hub, the country's tallest office tower, a shopping centre, and three educational institutions. Pretty soon we hope to add a park or two to the mix, while we add more, many more, to fill out every category.

Union Station Revitalization, Front & Bay, image courtesy of NORR Architects

So, what's to come? With hundreds of projects underway in this city, we have only scratched the surface so far. For example, we intend to have the rest of the new Spadina subway line stations up soon to compliment the two that are already in the dataBase.

York University Subway Station, image courtesy of the TTC

We are working to add unit floor plans to as many of the entries as possible, like we have them for Backstage on the Esplanade and Chaz on Charles for example. We plan to add scale model and model suite photographs, like we have for 68 Main Street and One Valhalla. We are also adding some of the best photos from our forum to the dataBase listings to make construction milestones easy to track, like in our Waterlink at Pier 27 entry.

River City Amenities Pod, image courtesy of Urban Capital and Saucier + Perrotte Architectes

We always have a number of entries in preparation too. Like new galleries in museums, we are currently collecting specimens for many buildings, like Burano, Tango, RiverCity (above), and the mystery complex, yeah the mystery complex, below!

Mystery Condo Complex, image courtesy of like we're gonna tell ya'

We do intend to add older projects too. It can be difficult getting images for completed projects however, especially those that have been done for a while now. (Remember this one? Did that ever get built?)

Metropolis, as it were, image courtesy of Pen Equity

Maybe you've been a collector of images yourself. If you have some decent renderings that you think others would appreciate seeing, we would love to hear from you. Otherwise, if you are simply interested in seeing particular projects added to UrbanToronto's dataBase, send us a note, and we'll add that project to the queue.

Wandering Ecologies by Weiss Manfredi

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