Height levels for the new Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto have never been officially confirmed here at Urban Toronto. We've generally estimated 925 feet spread over 60 storeys. New Urban Toronto forum member wopchop, who seems to be working on the condo tower, has indicated that the height is 908 feet spread over 59 floors.

At this height Trump would officially be the second highest building in Canada, exceeding Scotia Plaza by all of 6 feet. But as the following graphic by forum member Kamuix shows is this really the case?

image by Kamuix

Here we see Trump in comparison to neighbours Scotia Plaza and Commerce Court West. It sure looks like both are taller yet this isn't the case according to the The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), a Chicago based group that ranks the world's tallest buildings. The CTBUH measures from the level of the lowest significant pedestrian entrance to the top of the building. They include spires but exclude flag poles or antenna since they are not considered part of the building. Because Trump's top is considered a spire it is included in the official height. Commerce Court West is deemed shorter since it sports an antenna and Scotia Plaza is also deemed shorter even though it has almost 10 occupied floors that are higher than Trump's occupied floors.

So what do you think? Is Trump really the second tallest or should the CTBUH re-think the way they define tall buildings? We would love to hear your comments below.

While we're at it here are a few photos from yesterday taken from Moss Park.

photos by Ed007Toronto

Developed by Talon International, the hotel and condo was designed by Zeidler Partnership Architects.

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