Solaris, the twin-tower condominium project by Tridel at Kennedy and the 401 in Scarborough, is rapidly closing in on its final height. The elliptical towers are the first phases of a multi-tower and townhouse community called Metrogate, designed by Graziani + Corazza Architects. Solaris' 40-storeys are clad in glass, spandrel, and aluminum.

Construction winding down on Solaris Towers

Construction winding down on Solaris Towers

The 15-storey Delta hotel used to dominate the area, but it now looks increasingly small as the Solaris buildings rise higher.

Delta Hotel beside Solaris

The fifth floor recreation centre sits atop Solaris' above ground garage, while on the surrounding roof terrace, a number of trees now appear.

5th floor recreation centre

Balcony glass is following the finished cladding up the building, about halfway behind it, at around the 16th floor.

Balconies at Solaris

Higher up, some forms and shields can still been seen on penthouse levels.

Penthouse level at Solaris Towers

Both towers will have a rooftop architectural feature that will slant gently upwards toward the sky. While the second tower's top is still flat, the slant is under construction on the first.

Rooftop of Solaris Towers

Rooftop of Solaris Towers

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