A major controversy within the Urban Toronto community in recent years was the demolition of the John Lyle Studio for the One Bedford condos. Due to its heritage status one wall was saved to be reconstructed at the base of the new tower. For many of us the facade looked quite ridiculous and out-of-place attached to this modern tower.

Here's what the facade looked like a month back.

image by Craig White

But with the landscaping now being added our view on the issue has become more mixed.

image by Craig White

While we still believe they should have kept the entirety of the original building we're not as opposed to it as we once were. The landscaping certainly means it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb anymore. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Is it starting to turn out alright or is it still a major mistake?

Additional photos of the landscaping can be found here.

Developed by Lanterra Developments, the 32 storey condo was designed by KPMB Architects in partnership with Page + Steele Architects.

A watercoloury rendering of the finished project.

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