Lamb Development Corporation is pushing ahead with its pair of mid-rise condominium projects at Dundas Street East and Carlaw Avenue in Toronto's Film District. The two buildings, the 10-storey Worklofts and 11-storey Flatiron Lofts, both designed by Core Architects, take advantage of the former rail spur sight-of-way which bisects the site with an arc. We'll start with a thorough tour of the project through its renderings, and then move on to recent photography at the construction site to bring you up-to-date.

Both buildings, Flatiron closer to the viewer, from the north, and then from above.

The Worklofts building from across Carlaw. Work Lofts features brick on lower floors to blend with the area's warehouse aesthetic, while upper floors move to a more modern glass facade.

The Worklofts' curved east facade

The Flatiron Lofts' bullnose. Dundas East to the left, the curve and Work Lofts to the right. Flatiron Lofts features swaths of horizontally-paned windows, and fairly shallow and wide units which take great advantage of all of the light.

So far, the Flatiron is just an excavation site

The Worklofts, however, is much further along

Moving south along Carlaw

The south side of the building

The curve from behind

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