Alexandra Park is the second neighbourhood that the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is planning to redevelop. As with Regent Park the plan is to replace aging public house, while adding market rate condos to pay for the revitalization. From the City Of Toronto's website: On March 11, 2011, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) submitted Official Plan Amendment and Rezoning applications to permit the revitalization and redevelopment of Alexandra Park and Atkinson Housing Co-op. The master plan proposes to demolish and replace 333 townhouse and apartment units, renovate and retain 473 apartment units, and incorporate 1,540 market condominium and townhouse units. The master plan also proposes an extended public street network, a series of public parks, and private and shared outdoor amenity spaces.

Here's the model of the plan. Yellow is the replaced TCHC housing, brown is the buildings that will be renovated while blue is the new market rate condos.

The area being redeveloped.

The site plan in detail.

The site master plan.

Phase one.

Phase two.

The final phase.

An area known for many years for crime is going to be refreshed, bringing back streets that were sacrificed for the current configuration will better integrate the area to the city and it will cost the city nothing as the market rate condos pay for the changes. What's not to like?

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