There's nothing we like better at UrbanToronto than a hearty snack of juicy renderings. Sometimes it's time to sit down for a feast however, and today is one of those days. The super-cool Tableau Condominiums that will soon rise in Toronto's Entertainment District is our special guest today. Developed by Urban Capital, Malibu Investments, and Alit Developments, an all-star team of Wallman Architects, Ceconni Simone Interior Design, Claude Cormier Architectes Paysagistes, and Shayne Dark has been assembled to create this 36-storey modernist complex. So, ready for some renderings? Buckle up.

No new Toronto building we can think of has had so much attention paid to the way it will meet the street, rendering-wise, as Tableau has. We'll start with a full rendering:

We'll get closer to the corner of Richmond and Peter...

And zero in on the lower floors of the building. While the fourth floor is shown with office furniture behind the windows, this area will actually house the indoor amenities area for Tableau residents.

Floors two and three will have 25,000 square feet of commercial space, accessed via a Peter Street lobby in the heritage facade.

The table-like transfer slab floor allows for the retention on the heritage facade on the west, while providing a sheltered public plaza which widens toward the east.

The east end of the sheltered plaza will feature Shayne Dark's monumental "Nova", which will rise five storeys, poking through an opening in the plaza's roof.

The same, seen from a more westerly vantage point.

Let's back out a bit.

Claude Cormier of Montreal, designer of Sugar Beach and HTO on the Weaterfront, is responsible for the landscaping of the sheltered plaza, as well as the plaza on the north side of Richmond.

The same, in detail, closer to Nova again.

Here is Nova as it pokes through the roof deck outdoor amenity area.

And here is a fuller look at the fifth floor roof deck.

This plan shows you how the fifth floor will be arranged, with common areas in green.

Notice the "Open to Below" text? Here's what that staircase which links the fifth and fourth floor amenities will look. Wow.

We'll zero in on that seating area. We're not having a hard time picturing ourselves here.

Here are how the fourth floor amenities are arranged.

We'll end our visit by moving down to the lobby,

and back away from it,

with a look back at the plaza from across the street,

and finish with a look at the whole building.

We'll be back to Tableau soon - there is more to see here than what we have shown you so far - stay tuned!

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