Another photo from Urban Toronto member Jasonzed's trip to the CN Tower. Here we get to see Regent Park as it slowly turns from an old rundown housing project into a modern mixed-use neighbourhood. The Daniels Corporation's developed project is tearing down all the old buildings, save for one of the Peter Dickinson designed towers, and replacing them with brand new towers and town-homes. New roads are reintegrated the entire area into the surrounding city. And most importantly the area will no longer be exclusively low income. Mixed incomes should help with the poverty and crime issues Regent Park became known for.

Regent Park from above, image by jasonzed

There are a number of viewpoints about Regent Park within the Urban Toronto community. Forum member Silence&Motion states:

I can't help but feel ambivalent when an entire city block and 50 years of history is wiped off the face of the earth in one fell swoop, no matter how "broken" people consider the neighbourhood to be. For one thing, many areas of Regent Park had developed a nice tree canopy that will take decades to replace.

While forum member MBS counters:

Dont forget that what is being wiped off the face of the earth had previously wiped rows and rows of old Victorians off the face of the earth too. That was a MUCH more tragic loss. What we are getting now is a very well planned out community based on a neighborhood model found in this city that just works. The previous Regent Park master plan is now the most common example of how NOT to design a neighborhood. Hardly anything to be upset about losing. 

We have to agree with MBS. Good riddance to a community that clearly didn't work and welcome to the new Regent Park. In our view this was former mayor David Miller's greatest accomplishment. More photos (including the Dickinson buildings not saved) and discussion here.

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