Ryerson University is in the midst of a growth spurt that has brought and will continue to bring new and renovated buildings to the school's cramped downtown campus. The most significant project currently under construction is the redesign of the School of Image Arts building on the southwest corner of Bond and Gould Streets. The buff-coloured brick building is being reclad in fritted glass, expanded, and opened up to the streets, and to Lake Devo on its west. Most notably the building will be home to a new 1,860 square metre gallery for Ryerson's Black Star Historical Black & White Photography Collection, as well as the collections of the School's Mira Godard Study Centre. 

Here's Diamond Schmitt Architects' design for the building.

Ryerson School of Image Arts, by Diamond and Schmitt

Cicada DesignFollowing is the current state of construction. Looking west along Gould Street.

The corner at Bond and Gould.

Window installation.

Frit on the glass.

A long reach.

Looking west along Gould.

Across the dry bed of seasonal Lake Devo.

Close-up of preparations to attach the new facade.

A view through Gould Street's temporary landscaping. Portions of Gould and Victoria Streets through the campus were recently closed for a one year pilot project. If judged successful the closures will be made permanent and the asphalt will be removed and permanently landscaped, providing a green heart for a campus that has felt disjointed since its inception.

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