Where the Humber River meets Lake Ontario, Cresford Developments' glassy NXT Condominiums are rapidly closing in on completion. NXT will soon by joined by sister NXT2, both designed by Peter Clewes of architectsAlliance. The towers are surrounded, oddly enough, by mock-Victorian townhomes which look quite out of place by these sleek towers. Clewes, local king of the minimalist-cool glass point tower, has done quite a good job here stretching his aesthetic over a mostly rectangular frame. Come along with us on a walk-around of NXT's restrained but fun touches.

From the South Kingsway bridge over the Queensway, featuring the surrounding Vic Schtick townhomes in the foreground.

West of NXT: NXT 2 will soon rise close to the camera's location. 

Getting closer, we see the single storey lobby and amenities building, all-glass-coolness. 

To the east of the entryway the grounds feature a matrix of birch trees. Birch are notoriously finicky, but with appropriate care should take to their new home and grow. At least one looks like it did not survive the move from the nursery; replacement to come before registration we assume. 

Looking up at the tower. Notches create visual rhythm in the balconies. 

Staggered window mullions make for a more playful rise. 


Something you won't see in many spots in Toronto: the building overhanging the street! Not possible where the streets are public, but here where they are part of the condominium complex, this is a cheeky move! 

Looking up from the street below. 

The east facade of the building is crimped, adding subtle visual interest to an otherwise flat facade. 

Here's a better view of the crimp, and the east facade. A black brick base adds solidity at street level, and connects the building somewhat to the brick townhomes. 

On the other side of Windermere, NXT reflects Cresford's earlier project, the rounded Windermere-by-the-Lake. 

Here's the building from Queensway and Windermere. 

A view from across Queensway towards the base of the tower: 

And the full view from the same spot: 

Finally, a look back, with Windermere-by-the-Lake in the background. 

Meanwhile up top, or 25 floors up at least, here's the view to the west courtesy of UrbanToronto member Trixdee. Trix and her husband are looking forward to moving into their unit in December.

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