Charles Khabouth has for years been creating some of clubland's most storied hotspots. His ventures include Ultra, Koolhaus, The Guvernment, Dragonfly and This is London. In conjunction with Liberty Entertainment Group, Khabouth is also behind Spice Route and Tattoo Rock Parlour, as well as Ame, a partnership with Rubino Restaurants. Bisha Hotel and Residences is the latest and greatest of Khabouth's dreams: a new boutique hotel and luxury condominium brand, the flagship of which will be located on Blue Jays Way south of King in Toronto.

Rendering of Bisha Hotel and Residences

Khabouth's INK Entertianment has teamed up with Lifetime Developments and Wallman Architects to turn the dream in reality. 41 storeys of glass will soar behind coppery fins above the restored brick base of the former Diesel Playhouse and earlier Second City stage.

Rendering of the facade at Bisha Hotel and Residences

From bottom to top, the building will be both modern and opulent courtesy of Munge Leung's penchant for bold yet disciplined luxury. Landscaping the site will be gh3, combining ecological sustainability and a modern aesthetic sensibility to create a memorable environment. UrbanToronto normally likes the sparse a spare, but all of the above, and the renderings below make for a compelling and seductive vision. Maybe we've been too monk-like in our leanings? It is fun to ask 'what if'? You have arrived:

Outside the foyer at Bisha Hotel and Residences

Are you visiting? Let's get you a room:

Front foyer at Bisha Hotel and Residences

Or do you live here? This way please:

Concierge at Bisha Hotel and Residences

Back in your designer suite:

Model of a suite at Bisha Hotel and Residences

Time to relax up top:

Rooftop view at Bisha Hotel and Residences

Or hang out in the lounge:

Model lounge at Bisha Hotel and Residences

Or maybe have a drink at the bar:

Hotel bar at Bisha Hotel and Residences

Okay, enough fooling around: let's get into the floor plans. Have fun exploring:

Ground level floor plan

Second level floor plan

Third level floor plan

40th level floor plan

41st level floor plan

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