M5V Condominiums, a 34 storey condominium on King Street West in Toronto's Entertainment District by Tas Design Build and Lifetime Developments, is closing in on its final height. The building, designed by Core Architects, has been highly anticipated for its innovative use of colour on portions of the exterior.

The rendering below currently runs on both Tas and Lifetime's websites. It promises a silvery glass exterior with a distinct red-sheathed box, meant to hold mechanical equipment. Reality is proving to look somewhat different. Spandrel panels are decidedly not silvery, and the red box seems to have been desaturated of colour:

The building is not entirely without colour though. The first of the coloured glass panels in the vertical stripe are sporting some bold tints, while some horizontal panels of the podium facade feature more of the same. These coloured glass panels have looked more muted in shots from ground level:

From the street, M5V rises over Charlie's pit:

and over King Street hubbub, from the east:

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