The Fram Building Group and Slokker Real Estate Group are building a pedestrian friendly village on the shores of Collingwood's Harbour. The Shipyards, a forty acre site that was the home to shipbuilding in Collingwood for 100 years, is being brought back to life as an oasis of urbanity, directly north of Collingwood's thriving downtown main street, and on the shores of Georgian Bay. While the completion of the project will continue in phases for another half a dozen years, the initial phases are built and lived in.

The launch basin at the Collingwood Shipyards

Both townhomes and low-rise condominiums are currently selling at the site, in phases known as the Westmount and Montclair Collections, and Building No 1 respectively. Building No 2, at the south end of the Launch Basin and a short block from Collingwood's downtown, is expected to go on sale next.

Masterplan of the Collingwood Shipyards

Today we have several model shots and renders from around the site for you, and we'll start with this view across the site from the southwest. Buildings not yet constructed nor yet on sale are modeled in acrylic:

Model of the Collingwood Shipyards

A landscaped parkland berm lies along the west side of the site:

Model of the amphitheatre at the Collingwood Shipyards

Model of green space at the Collingwood Shipyards

Westmount Collection townhomes face the harbour:

Model of townhomes at the Collingwood Shipyards

Townhomes at the Collingwood Shipyards

Townhomes at the Collingwood Shipyards

Building No 1, closest to us in these images, is nearing completion:

The launch at the Collingwood Shipyards

Building No. 1

Architectural details on the back of Building No 1:

Detail on the model of Building No. 1

Rendering of the streetscape

Building No 2, closest to us in these images, will be the next low-rise condominium to be built:

Model of the quay

Rendering of Buildings No.1 and No.2

Views of the Launch Basin's ultimate plan. Buildings on the east side of the basin will feature ground level retail:

Rendering of the public square on the quay

Rendering of Buildings No.1 and No.2 on the quay

A restaurant will eventually be built at the end of this point:

Model of the future restaurant on the quay

UrbanToronto will have more on The Shipyards to come!