When out in the Square One area, there's absolutely more to see than just one particular project... Chicago, developed by Daniels and designed by Kirkor Architects, is also worth a look. While not fitting into an aesthetic that UrbanToronto normally falls all over, the complex actually does take its design cues from classic Chicago School style. 

Chicago model

As seen from Mississauga City Hall:

From the west. Love the leaning One Park Tower. Crazy wide-angle lens.

A little less warped, but taken from the same area, is this look at the podium:

Retail at the base of the podium will front on Confederation Parkway:

Looking up from the Confed frontage, you see this: 

The top from farther back:

Or, this view after heading a bit north and looking back:

We caught the delivery of some final precast panels to be applied, after the removal of the construction hoists:

A crane is ready to lift:

From the opposite end of the complex, we have this view from south of it:

And this look at the podium as it faces the courtyard:

Townhomes line the other three sides of the courtyard:

Here they are in better light. As Faux goes, there is a definite departure from the typical Toronto Vic-Shtick here.

Another angle:

And a final look at some details... which have been applied with a certain rigour here, not found in many historicist buildings here.

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posted:2010-07-13 20:20:16

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