Roncesvalles Lofts is a unique project for Toronto, designed in a modern Dutch idiom by architect David Peterson, and built by Triumph Developments, first time developers growning beyond their construction materials company Triumph Aluminum. 

The building is situated on Ritchie Avenue, in the triangle formed by Dundas Street, Roncesvalles Avenue, and Howard Park Avenue. East and south of the building are gas stations, garages, and other older industrial buildings. To put residential on this site required a special design that would shield buyers from the industrial noises, odors, and views. What resulted is a U shaped building with an extended base, with nearly all units facing into the resultant courtyard. UrbanToronto member urbandreamer recently shot these views of the Ritchie Street facade of the building:

UrbanToronto member kingkelly took these shots a month ago of the courtyard, external corridor, and stairs to the roof decks of the building:

UrbanToronto member drum118 got these two shots of the building back in March, with more detail of the deck stairs, and a view of the surrounding commercial/industrial uses.

Many more images including some interior views can be found in UrbanToronto's fairly concise thread for this development, which details the special features and designs that have been incorporated here to make a residential infill building work in an area that few would have dared to attempt. As Roncesvalles Lofts comes to completion, it is worth reading through the thread.

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