James Cooper Mansion, a 32 storey condominium tower being developed by Tridel, now rises to 29 storeys at the corner of Sherbourne and Linden Streets, just a short walk south from Sherbourne subway station. The tower and podium are designed by Burka Architects, while the Cooper mansion itself, a fixture on Sherbourne Street since 1881, has heritage architect Goldsmith Borgal overseeing its restoration and incorporation into the complex. The mansion will house some of the building's amenities including its billiards room.

The ultimate architectural success of this project will depend upon appropriate cladding for the podium and the connection of the mansion to the new construction. We still have a few months to see how it will all come together.

James Cooper Mansion from Huntley Street

James Cooper Mansion from Linden Street

Townhomes along Linden Street

James Cooper Mansion from the corner of Linden and Sherbourne

James Cooper Mansion from Selby and Sherborne

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