UrbanToronto has a few more teasers for you today before giving you a full view of the 45-storey Five condominium in coming days. You've seen Graywood and MOD Development's Five concept for St. Nicholas Street; now we have Five's home address on St. Joseph Street.

The warehouse, more recently a dance and fitness club, will be restored and retained, while the back ends of a number of the Yonge Street buildings will be removed to provide space for amenties, such as the third storey courtyard, and access to the complex's parking garage at ground level.

Compare the following render with the photo of the site below it by UrbanToronto member dt_toronto_geek, and you will see that Hariri Pontarini Architects has even retained the horizontal lines of the former Carrington's Sports Bar at the back of 618 Yonge, and zipped them up with a modern slotted screen. 

Rendering by Hariri Pontarini Architects

The site currently: 

Image by dt_toronto_geek

The stores on Yonge Street will also be retained and restored. Again, compare the render below with dt's photo of the site above, and you will get an inkling of the character that will be brought back to Yonge Street, long since hidden under layers of paint and gaudy signs, once the buildings are fixed up. It all gives one a feeling of how good Yonge Street might look in total if other developers were to treat the historic two, three and four storey buildings lining the street with equal care. 

Rendering by Hariri Pontarini Architects

Finally, let's look up: here's your first Hi-Def view of a portion of the tower, with its undulating fritted-glass balconies. You will also notice here that the tower will be narrower east to west than it will be on north to south, your first clue that the units inside will not be deep, narrow, bowling alley type units, but will be wide, and full of light. 

Rendering by Hariri Pontarini Architects

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