Urban Toronto visits the penthouse Residences at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto in the second part of our tour. (See links for parts one, three and four of the tour at the bootom os the article.)

Today, a visit to the 52nd floor of the Ritz-Carlton, and its 10,820 square foot penthouse: Yes, that's a long view: you are looking through several rooms along the southern side of the unit, and yes, finished ceilings on this floor will be 12 feet high!

Long View of the Penthouse, image by Craig White

And yes, those are the panels, back side, that are being lifted into place to clad the back of the glass fin from our previous report.

Panels for the Fin, image by Craig White

Turn to face the west, and you get a view down the length of the terrace.

Penthouse Terrace, image by Craig White

Stroll along the terrace, and well, how can you resist the view?!

Skyline Panorama of the Terrace, image by Craig White

Back under the roof, just about where that lift is now will be a fireplace when the penthouse is finished.

Penthouse Grand Room, image by Craig White

Moving further west, we find ourselves where the elevator will eventually serve this unit.

Private Penthouse Elevator, image by Craig White

Further west of that, we find ourselves where elevators currently serve this unit. Quite the ride, that: we did not plummet to our deaths once.

Construction Elevator, image by Craig White

Move over to the west terrace (off the future kitchen), and you get a better look at the support structure for the construction elevator, and, uh, some other tower to the south.

West Terrace view of the CN Tower, image by Craig White

For good measure, a nice fisheye view of the future west terrace.

West Terrace Panorama, image by Craig White

Up close to the north curtainwall now, and we have a look at the brackets and bolts that hold the wall to the floor slabs. There is a couple centimetre gap between the wall and the slabs.

Curtain Wall Attachments, image by Craig White

Need framing? We got framing.

Frame Pieces, image by Craig White

Finally, a look at where the crane is anchored; here on the 52nd floor.

Crane Anchoring in the Penthouse, image by Craig White

Coming up next: the SkyLobby floors.

Developed by Graywood Development and Cadillac Fairview, the 53-storey hotel and condo was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and Page + Steele Architects.

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