Canoe Landing Park, despite looking very inviting and ready to open, is stuck in limbo while the City and the Developer deal with legal matters. The eight-hectare park was built by Concord Adex as part of their City Place residential development. The park was designed by landscape architects Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg in partnership with landscape architects, The Planning Partnership and Douglas Coupland. The park's ribbon cutting ceremony was on September 9, 2009 and yet it still remains closed.

The Red Canoe at Conoe Landing Park, photo by wyliepoon.

The problem lies essentially with the roads surrounding the site: they are still in the hands of Concord Adex, and unassumed by the city. Until those roads are in the City's hands, liability issues would arise should anyone visiting the park require emergency services. The City therefore is unable to assume the liability until they have ownership of the access roads.

Towers above Canoe Landing Park. Photo by wyliespoon.

Concord Adex has initiated the process to make the transfer, and local Councillor Adam Vaughan's office is working with them to facilitate a fast transfer. The process normally takes two months or more, but everyone involved would like to see it complete in as few a six weeks... but we're talking procedural red tape here, so no-one knows for sure exactly how long this process will take, no matter how greased the wheels are. Urban Toronto will keep you posted on details of the progress when they become available. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the park through the photos of Urban Toronto forum member wyliepoon.

Cranes above Canoe Landing Park

Bench Design at Canoe Landing Park

Buildings above Canoe Landing Park

Buildings Towering over the Park

Concord Cityplace

The Gardiner Expressway contrasted with the Canoe

Southwest View from Canoe Landing Park

The Gardiner Expressway and Waterfront Development Looking South

View Looking East Towards Downtown

Installations in the Park, with the CN Tower in the Background

Running Map at Canoe Landing Park

Installation at Canoe Landing Park

Concord Cityplace

Looking East Towards Downtown with Cityplace on the Right

Light Fixture in Canoe Landing Park

Looking South down the Path to the Canoe

Looking South down the Path to the Canoe

Art Poster in Canoe Landing Park

Plaque at Canoe Landing Park

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