Last week we took a look at the new TCHC projects coming to the west end of the old rail lands. Namely Blocks 36, 32 and 31. Now comes word that changes are coming to Block 31.

City Place Map, Blocks 36, 32 and 31

Here's an email from Adam Vaughan to CityPlace residents

Dear Residents of CityPlace,

Earlier this week we held a community meeting to update residents about some of the developments and projects being worked on in the neighbourhood. Most importantly we forwarded the attached letter from Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) regarding the proposed school/community centre/residential development for Block 31 next to the park (see attachment).  Following the hard work by a resident-led planning group, and in response to the legitimate planning concerns raised by neighbours through the planning process, TCHC is stepping the proposal down and going back to the drawing board. Before any re-design is submitted to the neighbourhood and city for consideration the following issues will be addressed:

- height and location of tower

- size of floorplate

- additional traffic studies are to be done

- additional visitor parking space capacity to be explored

- mix of units with a goal of adding more market units without adding to overall count

TCHC expects the re-design and recalibration of the financial mix to take some time as the challenges are complex. They have agreed to bring a new design forward to the community before making a formal submission to city planning. This planning process brings the TCHC project into line with the way in which all developments in Ward 20 are processed by local neighbourhoods. I’d like to thank all of you who forwarded observations and concerns about the planning issues on this file, and in particular I’d like to thank the residents on the working group for their time and effort aimed at building a better project.

Block 31 is the closest TCHC project to CityPlace so we're not surprised that there would be some concerns about this project. But considering the height and density of the CityPlace buildings one wonders if the concerns are really about traffic/height or about the incomes of the residents moving in?

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