North York City Centre (NYCC) continues to grow with new condos popping up in every direction. Gibson Square is one such project. Located at the northwest corner of Yonge and Park Home, this project will feature twin 42 storey condominium towers above ground level retail. Developed by Menkes, this project is designed by Rafael + Bigauskas. Rafael + Bigauskas have done a number of buildings in NYCC including the Residences of Avondale and the Skymark Centre at Avondale. The Residences we can live with, the Skymark Centre not so much. Renderings for Gibson Square are certainly causing some discussion within the forum. The biggest issue is the top of the buildings. They are not getting a lot of love. 

 Not sure about the top. What do you think, cheap gimmick or really cool? 

The site plan shows parking access to the underground garage is actually not directly below the west building but rather further west under Gibson Park. What is the reason for this? Does the Heritage Promenade have some impact here? 

Thanks to forum member Solaris for the renderings and the site plan. A last remark. This corner was originally zoned for office space. This makes sense considering the site sits on top of North York Centre Subway Station. Imperial Oil was going to build their new headquarter here back in the 1980's (Petro Canada had their offices directly to the south at the time) before the recession of the late 1980's took place. Due to appeals to the OMB the zoning was changed to allow condos. A poor decision in our minds. There's plenty of land for condos in NYCC but we would rather see employment opportunities next to subway stations wherever possible. 

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