Walking up King's College circle today made me decide that I hate this tower. It's architecturally banal. It's obnoxiously placed. It looks like a slack-jawed teenager who accidentally walked in on someone's wedding picture. And just wait until they add the horizontal fin on the roof. Then it will be a slack-jawed teenager wearing a baseball cap. If they were going to be peaking over the shoulder of University College, the least they could do would be to add vertical rooftop elements to complement the spikes on UC, Hart House, and other U of T buildings. I appreciate the "cozy" feel when you look east from King's College toward Bay Street. And One Bedford condos would be fine if it fit into an entire skyline running along Bloor. However, I fear there is very limited potential for developing that stretch any higher than it already is. From Bedford to Spadina, Bloor is filled with heritage architecture that shouldn't be demolished, and mid-rise buildings that won't be demolished any time soon.

One Bedford condos Toronto by Lanterra Developments

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