Canoe Landing Park should be opening up within the next month or so. During the public meeting last night concerning the aquarium and 'Fairmont' site, Adam Vaughan informed the attendees that all the agreements are in place for the Park and roads around the Park to be conveyed to the City. As it stands, "the lawyers are crossing the t's and dotting the i's". Part of the delay was going through years and years of agreements, documents, reports, etc. to sort out everything like land titles, funding, etc. This all needed to be sorted before the City can assume the Park and roads. The roads need to be in the City's hands to ensure that the Park is accessible all the way around by emergency and utility vehicles. All the required utility services need to be in place and working such as sewers and water flows for fire hydrants. There will be a Railway Lands public meeting coming up in the near future for anyone that wants to hear more about the Park, the pedestrian bridge, and the new (100th) library.

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