An entire street of 41 heritage structures, including what's purportedly the longest stretch of pre-confederate buildings in the province of Ontario is to be demolished by Brantford city council in March. No plans to spare any of the buildings, whether they're structurally sound (as most of them are) or even are really in need of renovations (but most are).

SCANDAL: Brantford demolishing entire street of 41 heritage buildings!

Some more info via my tumblr, including a document detailing the buildings and some of the arguments for why the buildings should be rehabilitated: 

The federal government just gave a grant for $1.38million toward demolition costs (there are no plans currently to rebuild the stretch, or even to salvage or recycle the 3 city blocks' worth of brick, wood, metal, etc.) and most of city council is desparately trying to avoid having public meetings on this issue before they can demolish the buildings ahead of fall elections. We're trying to drum up some opposition for this, and we need help! More photos here! (There are ones being added to the Facebook group continuously.)