West Queen West continues to change as new development replaces the old. One such project is Two Gladstone. Located across the street from the Gladstone Hotel on Queen West, this 8 storey 54 unit condo is being developed by Streetcar Development and Dundee Realty.

A render as taken from Queen West with the Gladstone Hotel in the foreground. 

Render by Mike in TO

Closer up renders.

Render by Mike in TO

Render by Mike in TO

What the existing building looked like a few days back just as demolition was beginning. 

Photo by urbandreamer

We like the look and the intensification. With the Dufferin jog elimination currently underway Gladstone Avenue will soon become a pretty quiet local street. Some of the concerns expressed by forum members include the Queen side wall (is that really cinder block or something better?) and the close proximity to a very busy rail corridor. Will there be issues of excessive noise and vibrations? We suppose you could grab a drink or two at the Gladstone if these become a problem.

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