Here is 3d's/malidive's new render that was posted in the shangri-la thread - unfourtunately it wasn't finished.

"I was picking away at a mega-pano last year (obviously before 1 Bloor East cacked) but got bored and gave up on it... here's the work-in-progress. In similar fashion to the huge waterfront pano I did, this one assumes you are standing near Cherry Beach and looking/panning from west to east, all the way to Eglinton (which can be seen in reality). It's a unique POV because you can see the waterfront skyline and much of the north/south skyline that usually is hidden in Toronto photos. Stuff is missing and I doubt I'll get back to this... but enjoy. I'll post it over in another section. To ensure this is on topic, feel free to try and find a sliver of Shangri-la in the render. I threw a bunch of generic/fictional buildings into East Bayfront as sort of placeholders 'cause I was interested in how that built form will appear when complete."

photo courtesy maldive