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Most recent photos in the most recent 'The Well' post are dated - residual excavation has moved to the north side, and the equipment and berm in the south-east corner has been gone for two - three weeks.
Drove by 346 Davenport Rd last weekend and saw machinery on site. Could they actually be starting this project sometime soon? Hope so! We purchased one of Freed's other preconstruction projects that didn't pan out. We're sure that it wasn't one of those projects that pulled out due to rising prices of condos. So, we took another stab at another one of Freed's projects...looking good!
I grew up in the city but couldn’t afford a home in the city until recently. We purchased an apartment on Davenport Rd and we were not at all upset when we found out about the shelter next door. We also do not believe that this would devalue the property at all! Homeless shelters are a fact of life. They are always downtown for easy access to basic living. Rural shelters can’t help the homeless!
Hi 42. I would like to know why I have been denied access to certain forum threads, specifically '1-7 Yonge' via the database and 'X Tower' via the popular databases column and database. I don't mind particularly, but I am curious.

Thank you for all your effort and time toward making this excellent website.