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Hi, how can I post?
Sorry, I meant how can I post a thread.
You have to have posted 20 times in other threads before you can create one of your own. That's meant to make sure that relatively new members creating threads are already "acclimatized" as a participant in UrbanToronto discussions, and to prevent spam posts.
And, sorry to say, "hmm" doesn't cut it for a post! You'll get there eventually…
Hi Koops. I'm addicted to your posts and I appreciate the time and effort you've put into creating a remarkably accurate vision of our future city. You mentioned sometime back that it might be possible to access your model. Is this indeed possible? If so how? And have you considered expanding outside the downtown area? Is there another Koops building Mississauga?
Hi Ed, instead of reporting a post for having a mistake, please just post a correction yourself in the thread, The original poster will likely adjust the text. Thanks!
It’s Doug from 15 Legion #406. I just read what you posted about the young woman who jumped. I didn’t hear any sirens but I was steam cleaning some rugs. Was it one of our buildings? Such a sad ending to a life. If only someone could have seen the signs and helped her.
i am very intrested in the photo you posted of " J.F. Madill Cash Grocer in 1920 " . where would i be able to get a copy of it?
Hi there,

I have a question about a location on the west side of Jarvis Street between Queen Street and Richmond Avenue. Currently it is occupied by a tired old one story auto car shop and a pop up marijuana store. I drive by this eyesore every day. Are there any plans to have this prime lot redeveloped?

I certainly hope so!


I have a question concerning photographing the workers on the CIBC site. I'm noticing that the workers are becoming more identifiable. As the building gets taller the faces will be visible and I was wondering if this is legal? Is there a way to either get approval or blur out the faces?