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Woodbine Centre

That looks like an advert for an Asian-oriented discount mall in Markham or Surrey. I don't mean that with any disrespect, but it hardly screams mainstream shopping centre.
It just needs a statue of Ganesha by the front entrance.

Ganesha is worshipped not only by Hindus, but Buddhists as well. Many major shopping malls in Bangkok have statues of Ganesha by their entrances as well.
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It's odd there is a large population base in that area to serve....but it's also a very low income area.

I think the mall should be redeveloped with residential developments or make some of the parking lot space with restaurants like other malls have.

Have a transit hub of buses there.

Likely have a grocery store or a wal mart type store as an anchor.

Like it's odd it's near a highway the closest malls are far away. This mall should be doing good business.
There is a store in the Woodbine Centre called Balkh Trading Co (on the lower level close to Sears) that does specialize in large, exotic statues.
Our giant Ganesha statue for Woodbine's front entrance might be closer than we think.
Clocks Unlimited, which has been operating in the mall since 1985, has finally shut its doors for good.

can anyone tell me why, woodbine mall has one bank while Westwood square mall has 4+ banks. TD isn't the best bank in the world.
If Covid numbers keep rising, Toronto could be facing another lockdown. Do you guys think Woodbine will be able to survive a second lockdown?
These days, I'd rather shop at Dr. Flea's than the Woodbine Centre. With Dr. Flea's, most locals know they're about to set foot in a sleazy flea market that's stuck in the 80's.
But that's part of Dr. Flea's charm. You never know what you'll find in there.

Dr. Flea's never had to worry about raising or lowering any sort of bar. Now, the Woodbine on the other hand, is a far cry from its better days.

Now, if we really want to talk about run down locations, let's not forget the now-closed Weston Flea Market.
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"Designer depot" now "Designer club!??!"

Woodbine mall is now officially.....a warehouse mall (1985-this)

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At this point I am starting to think that Closeout King is behind something sketchy... no way they could do this to a mall without planning some sketchy things