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Waterfront: West Don Lands Public Art Competition

Thanks for sharing this. Otherwise, I would likely have not known about the competition. Some really great public art concepts there. It's hard to choose a favourite but I really like the maze with the animals... it's very whimsical and engaging for adults but especially, children. Our architecture is very neo-modernist and restrained, and I love to see our public spaces filled with whimsical art that contrasts with the function of architecture.
I really like this

Yes, thanks for pointing this out, AoD!

I'm a huge fan of friendswithyou; their proposal looks interesting. I thought the large-scale temporary installation they did in Queen's Park a few years ago was incredibly charming, engaging and fun.
Something thats deco, meets Sci-fi, meets Cubeism might be cool to. also having great lighting and maybe interactive in somw way.
Looks like only three of these designs can be built, one per area, a shame as they all look lovely, but if one were to twist my arm, I would have to choose.

Pan AM Athletes Village

Definitely Oculus, but if they don't go with that.


"A Legacy of Rings and Animals" is a close second for my choice.

Children's Art Zone


This one; "The Sounds of Time" very much interests me, I hope this one gets built.

Front Street


"Walking Hours" is definitely super lovely for Front Street.


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What a shame they passed on Oculus. I wonder if there's some other way we might end up seeing it in the city? Maybe as a section 37 contribution somewhere else?
Sculptural not something a kid designed... at least for an adult appreciation for art.... yes its also family oriented with the park but.. something furistic and by that everyone knows what that means.
shinny metals and a night lighting feature un seen before. Would like something similar to whats in the link above. out of different street lamp styles all mealting together.
I do like the other one !
How surprising they went with the two ugliest/most banal proposals. And what a coincidence that they also look like the cheapest to build.
These design competitions are becoming depressing. They show us all of these amazing designs that offer the city identity /great photography windows. then pick the worst ones. What a gong show.
Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. The Pan/Parapan American Games Legacy category has yet to be chosen as per this:

A third sithe, the Pan Am Legacy, has yet to be awarded and Waterfront Toronto is continuing to explore opportunities.

And includes:

Wolfgang Buttress – Oculus


John Alan McEwen – A Legacy of Rings and Animals


So Oculus still has a chance for those disappointed. Although the language of "continuing to explore opportunities" is a bit worrying.