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Upper Beach Estates


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Jan 10, 2008
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I noticed that the Conservatory Group is going to build a new community named Upper Beach Estates development. This will be located off Gerrard Street, between Victoria Park and Main. Any opinions on the developer and area?
I had a client that just purchased a unit there. I think the area is up and coming, and is a few minutes from the beach. I like the project because of its close proximity to Victoria Park and Main Subway stations. Plus there are a few condo projects being built on the Danforth as well. Here is a great article about the 10 best places to buy, as this area is ranked number 2.

There are several built units available right now.
Developer is so-so, and area is also so-so. Is it for investment? primary residence? You may want to go more east, will get you much better return.
Like I said my client just purchased a unit there. I think the area is transitional, and is really close to the Beach, but close to Main and Danforth. The price is reflective of that but because there is a lot of development happening here I think if you are willing to stay 7 years or so you should see a good ROI. If you are looking to sell in 3 years or so this might not be my first choice. My clients were looking for somewhere they could live 10 years plus which is why I recommended this spot. All the best to you.