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TTC: Yonge North Subway Extension (Finch-Richmond Hill) (Funded/Planned)


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Well, I said above that they're being a bit two-faced saying they love the subway, they love Clark Station, they just want the thing out of their neighbourhood. And yes, some pols have gone along with the charade - which is easy to do (whether you're a local councillor or federal MP candidate) when you have no jurisdiction and get to say, "Well, I fought for you! Make sure to vote for me again!" when you inevitably accomplish nothing. But given the prevalence of NIMBYism, not just in Markham or the GTA, I think it's a stretch to say York Region is spoiled and unappreciative. Overall, it's about what I'd expect anywhere and I suspect few is the neighbourhood (including yours, presumably in Oakville) where residents wouldn't freak out if they heard a subway was going to literally run beneath their houses. I think their houses are almost certainly likely to be unaffected and they're being a bit hysterical, but the onus is on Metrolinx to demonstrate that.

I mean, just wait until local residents get wind of the density planned for Yonge and 7 which. I think, is under the radar for most people. Then you'll see some real, "Of course we want the subway but not also thousands of condo units!"
I largely agree, but this should have been farther along. I live downtown, but in Oakville obviously the GO trains run along the industrial area. The issue the loss of Cummer in Toronto to accommodate YR, the loss of other stations, the harping many residents did about the subway for years only for them to turn around and say "well, not like that!" Enough. It should be option 3 or nothing. Cummer and Royal Orchard should be back in as well. You're getting a subway no picking and choosing beyond that.

They're planning some big towers at Clark and Yonge... that is going to be interesting.
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