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TTC: Jane (LRT) RapidTO

That's the plan already. The 35/195 will end at Mt Dennis with a new 19 Jane South running between Mt Dennis to Jane Station. They are proposing a 6 minute headway on the 19 with no overlapping express service. (See Mt Dennis Mobility hub plans from Metrolinx). That hardly justifies a subway like LRT service.
So the 19 will leave Mt Dennis, travel west on Eglinton and then south on Jane?
So the 19 will leave Mt Dennis, travel west on Eglinton and then south on Jane?

This works cause the majority of the 35/195 riders are north of Eglinton. Many people ride it for Jane Station to the north. It would be better for the to just take the Eglinton LRT and have all door boarding at Mt Dennis oppose to showing transfers at the front door at Jane Station.
As for the hills, the LRT doesn't have to go all the way up a hill, but into a portal maybe halfway up. That's the plan for the Crosstown LRT from Eglinton Flats (Jane Street) to go into a portal before the Mt. Dennis Station.
Jane LRT south of Eglinton Flats, in addition to the narrowing of the street, seems to have some quite sharp changes in incline. Tunnel sections might be required just to keep grades under 4% :)
North of Lawrence Avenue or Church Street/Maple Leaf Drive, there are properties with parking lots that border the sidewalks or streets. Widen the street by taking from the parking lots.

These lots are not very deep and this is the only parking that serves this retail. There is no on-street parking or Green P nearby. These small strip-malls are a great hub of retail for the diverse community near Jane and Lawrence and it would be devastating for them to lose their parking.
Street Right-of-way Widths Map:

Realistically, Transit City-model surface LRT requires at least 30, if not 33, metres of width on a street in order to be built.

Other than through the Eglinton Flats, this width only exists north of Hwy 400/Black Creek Dr on Jane St.
They need 36m (stated in many Transit City LRT EAs) for 2 lanes of traffic, LRT tracks, bike lanes and the sidewalk. Most of those EAs are offline now.

The biggest problem with Jane is most of the road south of Wilson is less than 36m. The section between Annette and Bloor must be tunneled.
Between Highway 400/Black Creek to Wilson, the roadway could use a bit of the parking lots or grass boulevard.


There is still parking available to the side of those fast food restaurant buildings.
Meeting scheduled at Eglinton Avenue West & Islington Avenue:

Saturday February 20

Richview Collegiate

1739 Islington Avenue

9:30 am to 11:30 am

This meeting will likely have more details on the Jane LRT that has resurfaced this week.
Hey its Rob Ford !
Transit city is dead , no its not Rob but if you keep eating @ those fast food places it will not be very healthy for you.
So here's the official city plan map for the next 15 years & Jane LRT is #9.
Well a least its still on the books , hopefully they will start building it & have it finished before the year 2030!
Need to make sure John Tory & the Liberals keep getting elected a few more times. Heres the link Of Toro...tives/PIC Presentation Deck - Feb 16 2016.pdf
So the 19 will leave Mt Dennis, travel west on Eglinton and then south on Jane?
Latest TTC map show it's the 27 Jane South though - not the 19.

Also shows the 195 Jane Rocket will continue to run from Jane Station to Pioneer Village Station.



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I guess they changed it up again. Like how the 114 Mt Dennis became the 171 at the last minute.

The "19" went to Bathurst which is currently 7. 5 Avenue Rd is going to be 13. I guess TTC might change them soon so people won't be confused with the new 5 Eglinton Line and 7 Finch West Line when it opens.

The changes must be very reason as the 19 was still Jane South as of the SmartTrack map update in October 2015.
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Too bad that not much of the 1894 Belt Line Railway (Humber Loop) does not exist these days anymore. The Jane LRT could have used that right-of-way to get down to The Queensway or the proposed Waterfront LRT.


It's mostly been sold to be added to backyards, laneways, or roads, since then.